Sparky brightens up classroom

After watching the matches at Lakeside this year a school teacher thought that Wesley’s performance was notable and took a DVD of his match against Tony O’ Shea into her School in South East London to use as an example to demonstrate strength and resilience to her pupils.

From what she tells us, this sparked, excuse the pun, a great deal of interest within the class, so much so that she has sent the following to Wesley on behalf of her pupils:

Dear Wesley

At school we are looking at how we can be more resilient and never give up. Our teacher showed us a video of your semi-final match against Tony O’Shea and we were really impressed how you kept your concentration and won 2 sets to level the match.  If it’s ok we would like to ask you some questions.

How do you managed to stay so focused when there is so much noise and singing?

When you were 2 sets down how did you manage to keep going?

When someone in the crowd called out ‘miss’ how did you feel?

Was it always your dream to play darts?

How long do you practice for ?

We hope you enjoyed coming to England to play darts and hope that the person who called out hasn’t put you off coming back.

We are going to get a dartboard in the classroom because we think it will help us with our maths.

We hope you do well in your next competition.

Kind Regards,


Violet Class


Wesley will be replying and delighted to have introduced the sport of darts to a younger and wider audience, the teacher has confirmed the class now has a dartboard to play on, magnetic for safety reasons of course and she looks forward now to being able to say “Lets Play Darts” on a regular basis.


Best Regards