Sparky lights up Lakeside again

Crowd favourite Tony O’Shea once again halted Wesley path to becoming a world champion.

In a well played match both players were giving all, Tony was on fire and hitting everything but Wes held his composure to level the match after the two blistering opening legs from O ‘Shea to 4-4.

An incident in the crowd at a critical point of the game, clearly distracted Wes, which was a shame as the game turned at this point and for those who know darts would have seen Wes start pulling shots on doubles, something he never normally does, caused by the thought of another shout or whistle from the crowd. It is something professional players have to deal with and Wes will learn from this and make him stronger, he always looks at the positives and opportunities from every match which makes him special. In the PDC of course with the unbelievable amount of noise given off by the crowd he would not have heard it, but at the normally very respectful BDO events it could not be missed.

So to the Dutch open to work on the rankings for this year with more knowledge and experience in the bag, Wes as always send his thanks for your messages of support throughout this contest and hopes it will continue as he values it a great deal.