Princes of orange


The Darting equivalent of Rugby’s six nations  cup took place over the last weekend in Holland and for darts fans it was made all the better by the brilliant HD live streaming provided by the ndb of the entire event.
The six man squad, Jan Dekker, Wesley Harms, Rick Hostra, Dennis Kloese, Remco Van Eijden and Benito van de Pas made history by winning the tournament for the Netherlands and being on home ground made the win mean so much more.
The team coach Dennis van Onselen could only play five men per match and with two debutantes playing well but sporadically he had to make choices, clearly the right ones as the team showed great resilience and composure against Scotland and England to bring about the victory especially against a very strong English team in the final. The final result was 13.9, using a round robin format which makes for very interesting play.


We must not forget the Ladies who lost in the final to Wales after beating England in the semis.


Highlander performance in Scottish Open

Good turnout of players lined up for the Scottish open over the weekend, organisation was interesting to say the least  with transportation causing some players to miss matches and fire alarms going off added to the atmosphere.
Results were slow coming through on SDA website so nail biting stuff for us interested fans, then we got the news Wes made last 32 and again waited and put on the live stream via Justin TV god bless them and spent a couple of hours watch the builders assemble the stage.
The chat room was buzzing a number of Wes fans trying to get information as the afternoon went on and begging the broadcaster to go find the results, he did and we heard the good news that Wes was in the semi-final line up to be played on stage, comments in the chat room told us Wes played some good darts to get there.
Wes played Gary Robson a local favourite and played well to overcome Gary 4.0 and make his way to the final to meet Jim Williams of Wales a tough young player.
The final was well played by both players with Williams taking first 2 legs, Wes then levelling as he so often does after settling in to 2.2. Williams again took the lead until Wes in a very cool, controlled manner levelled to 4.4 to make a last leg shootout.
Williams won the middle to have the darts in the last leg, putting pressure on Wes with some good opening Darts, Wes stayed with him keeping that expected “cool hand” style going to take the double to win after misses by Williams for the match.
Wes as always thanks all for his messages of support during and after the matches he played.


Sparky brightens up classroom

After watching the matches at Lakeside this year a school teacher thought that Wesley’s performance was notable and took a DVD of his match against Tony O’ Shea into her School in South East London to use as an example to demonstrate strength and resilience to her pupils.

From what she tells us, this sparked, excuse the pun, a great deal of interest within the class, so much so that she has sent the following to Wesley on behalf of her pupils:

Dear Wesley

At school we are looking at how we can be more resilient and never give up. Our teacher showed us a video of your semi-final match against Tony O’Shea and we were really impressed how you kept your concentration and won 2 sets to level the match.  If it’s ok we would like to ask you some questions.

How do you managed to stay so focused when there is so much noise and singing?

When you were 2 sets down how did you manage to keep going?

When someone in the crowd called out ‘miss’ how did you feel?

Was it always your dream to play darts?

How long do you practice for ?

We hope you enjoyed coming to England to play darts and hope that the person who called out hasn’t put you off coming back.

We are going to get a dartboard in the classroom because we think it will help us with our maths.

We hope you do well in your next competition.

Kind Regards,


Violet Class


Wesley will be replying and delighted to have introduced the sport of darts to a younger and wider audience, the teacher has confirmed the class now has a dartboard to play on, magnetic for safety reasons of course and she looks forward now to being able to say “Lets Play Darts” on a regular basis.


Best Regards


Sparky lights up Lakeside again

Crowd favourite Tony O’Shea once again halted Wesley path to becoming a world champion.

In a well played match both players were giving all, Tony was on fire and hitting everything but Wes held his composure to level the match after the two blistering opening legs from O ‘Shea to 4-4.

An incident in the crowd at a critical point of the game, clearly distracted Wes, which was a shame as the game turned at this point and for those who know darts would have seen Wes start pulling shots on doubles, something he never normally does, caused by the thought of another shout or whistle from the crowd. It is something professional players have to deal with and Wes will learn from this and make him stronger, he always looks at the positives and opportunities from every match which makes him special. In the PDC of course with the unbelievable amount of noise given off by the crowd he would not have heard it, but at the normally very respectful BDO events it could not be missed.

So to the Dutch open to work on the rankings for this year with more knowledge and experience in the bag, Wes as always send his thanks for your messages of support throughout this contest and hopes it will continue as he values it a great deal.


A touch of Dutch

Despite feeling under the weather during the day, Wesley once again showed his strength of character and determination in a great display of darts at Lakeside last night.

Playing against an in form Daryl Fitton this was always going to be a great match, Fitton has been involved in what could be described as the two best matches so far at Lakeside this year, the first against Steve Bunting which he won. The second against Wesley which he lost.

Wes has been saying all week he does not want to be thought of, in his words “a one hit fly” in England we would call it a “one hit wonder”. I think you would all agree after two Lakeside semis in 2 years he no longer needs to worry about anymore.

So to the next round on Saturday and a replay of a semi against Tony O’Shea for whom Wesley has a great deal of respect as he does all Darts players and lovers of the Sport of Darts but of course he will be concentrating on reversing the outcome this time by letting his darts and passion for the game do the talking.

Wes has asked that I pass on his thanks for all the support and best wishes he has received from Darts lovers everywhere.